Team Augmentation

Instantly leverage the right skills, at the right time

We are ready to hit the ground running.
Leverage Neu Notion’s extensive expertise, accumulated over 20+ years, flexibly, conveniently, and on demand.

team augmentation
team augmentation services
Our Mission

Limitless delivery capability, ready-to-go

Prevent your internal team from becoming overworked. Our decades of technical expertise and expansive teammates enable us to scale with your business seamlessly.

Benefits of IT Team Augmentation Services

Our IT Team Augmentation Services are crafted to meet and exceed your organization’s objectives. From optimizing day-to-day operations to ensuring quality-oriented deliverables, our experts possess advanced skill sets that provide performance and reliability.

On-Demand Expertise

Find your project’s specific skill sets without endless interviews and hiring processes

Scale Instantly

Scale up or down instantly depending on your needs at the moment. We’re a friendly bunch that plugs into your team seamlessly.

A Fresh Set Of Eyes

We are no yes-men. Our 20+ years in tech allow us to offer battle-tested recommendations to make your business thrive.

No Place for Downtime

Focus and precision are non-negotiable. We rigorously and routinely test our team members to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Significant ROI

We believe in complete process transparency from the start. By leveraging our high-end technologies and tools and tailored pricing models, we will maximize your profitability while staying cost-effective.

Client-Centric Approach

We strategically align with your internal business processes to maximize efficiency and performance.


Discovery Phase

A deep dive into your business. We will explore your idea, the project’s scale, the technical skills, and the actionable steps needed to effectively make that vision a reality.

Tech Roadmap

With your goals in mind, we prepare a tech roadmap based on the skill sets and experience required. This includes the needed tech stack and the tech complexities included.

Team Selection

We search internally for the perfect candidates that match your technical requirements, company culture, and values.

Approval & Onboarding

Once the team gets approved, they will meet with your current members to get a full view of the company’s daily processes and procedures.


Is team augmentation suitable for my organization?

Team augmentation is the optimal solution if you want to leverage your existing talents and face constantly changing IT problems that require specialized skills.

What’s the difference between project outsourcing and team augmentation?

Team augmentation enables you to add staff to your existing team based on specific skills required for a project. Outsourcing, on the other hand, allows you to assign an entire project to an independent company.

What does your vetting process look like?

As a boutique organization, we’re adamant about providing the best possible candidates. All team members are extensively tested for specific coding proficiency and excellent communication skills. You can learn more about our team by scheduling a call.

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