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Saudi Arabia
MBSC Portal

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College (MBSC) Portal

Executive Education Corporate Portal for B2B.

The Executive Education at MBSC offers open enrollment as well as customized programs designed through highly collaborative partnerships and personalized focus resulting in an integrated learning experience that is effective and efficient. The portal has the following features:
  • Corporate Registration, account activation, and login.
  • The landing page of the corporate account have all programs, so invitation can be sent out by the system.
  • The company is able to add additional contact person(s) and addresses.
  • Each contact person can send out the program invitation to a single employee or a group of employees.
  • A contact person can view and edit his own user profile.
  • The Finance Office monitor the cost impact for the program invitations.
  • The administrator can manage corporate contact person (add, edit, activate, or deactivate) and program participation (add, edit, remove).
  • The administrator can generate proforma invoices.
  • The administrator can submit transaction details to the invoice middleware system.
  • APIs integration with ZATCA system to manage invoices.
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