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National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-L)

National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon (CNRS-L)

Leb Alerts is your essential companion for staying informed and prepared during seismic events and fire emergencies in Lebanon.

Stay informed and prepared with Leb Alerts, the official mobile app developed by the National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon (CNRS-L). Leb Alerts is your go-to resource for monitoring of seismic activities (Leb Quakes) and fire incidents (Leb Fires) in Lebanon.

Leb Quakes offers the following features:
– List View: Stay updated on seismic activities with a comprehensive list view of recent earthquakes.
– Map View: Visualize seismic events on an interactive map for enhanced understanding.
– Quake Report Form: Report your experience if you felt a quake, contributing to a better understanding of seismic activity.
– Quake Notifications: Receive timely notifications for earthquakes.

In addition, Leb Alerts provides access to essential tools for monitoring and managing fire incidents in Lebanon:
– Fire Statistics: Stay informed with detailed fire statistics to understand trends and patterns.
– Fire Forecast: Plan ahead with fire forecasts to mitigate risks and take necessary precautions.
– Fire Report: Report fires directly from your mobile device to authorities for swift action.
– Fire Alerts: Receive instant alerts for fire incidents to protect yourself and your community.
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