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Le Bistro by Salmontini

At Le Bistro by Salmontini, we’re bringing together our appreciation for tradition and our dedication to quality ingredients to be served up in our familiar bistro style. At the soul of our experience, as always, is our lovingly-sourced Scottish salmon which is accentuated with touches of French flair, but there are familiar favourites for all.

Le Bistro is a modern expression of the Salmontini story, and that means we’re all about welcoming everyone, from all walks of life, into our family. Our menu? It is premium, yes, but we have made sure it is accessible and comforting which compliments our people and our interiors nicely. Every dish, touch point and interaction is crafted with love, hoping to give you a sense of belonging.

We’re not just a dining destination; we’re a part of the neighbourhood, where stories unfold, and memories are crafted. Most importantly it’s a place to say hello and to tip your hat. Above all else, it’s the dedication to our people, to our craft and our ingredients that really make Le Bistro by Salmontini yours.
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